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Show Business News: We’re Out!, The Village People-inspired musical of popular TV show Dragon’s Den, is to hit London’s West End early this spring – written and directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

dragons den the musical

Theatreland insiders say it’s his strongest outing since ‘Phantom’, stuffed full of hit tunes, many of which he co-wrote with Dappy from n-dubz.

‘Watch U Take Me 4?’ and ‘Get On Your Knees And Beg (G.O.Y.K.A.B)’ are both tipped to be chart smashes in their own right, but much of the excitement is centring around the finale: The Dragons will peform a blistering new version of the Village People’s ‘YMCA’ – remixed, rearranged and renamed as the title song ‘We’re Out!’.

As another rejected entrepreneur throws himself down the stairs in despair, the Dragons strip off their suits to reveal colourful costumes, embarking on a dance routine that will show, once and for all, just how flexible Duncan Bannatyne really is:

Young man,

Your invention’s no good

I said, young man

It doesn’t work like it should

I said, young man

Your presentation was poor

That’s why we




tell you -

We’re out! We’re out! – Everybody say

We’re out! We’re out! – Now just crawl away

Throw yourself down the stairs

Because nobody cares

Maybe you’ll polish our cars one day -

Everybody sing – We’re out! We’re out!…(CONT)

Initially wary of the project, the Dragons were persuaded to take part not just because of Dappy’s involvement, but also the large amounts of money involved.

We came to a decision by pitching ourselves the idea,” says tycoon James Caan, who recently quit the TV show but just “couldn’t resist rejoining the line-up for this slice of musical history.”

We all sat down in front of a large mirror,” explains Caan, “and ran through the proposition.”

At first we were all quite hostile towards ourselves, but after we had answered some of our own tough questions, and had proved to ourselves our own money-making potential, we congratulated our reflections, wholeheartedly backing our own concept. Were we out on We’re Out!? No. We were in.”


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